We’re delighted to announce the very latest issue of our Fire Cloak Electric Vehicle Fire Blanket brochure!

This comprehensive brochure includes all the information you need to understand how the Fire Cloak contains electric and hybrid vehicle fires to minimises collateral damage.

Highlights Matt Butcher, sales and marketing manager at Prosol UK: “Our previous Fire Cloak brochures have been downloaded thousands of times by companies and individuals across the world since its launch.

“This latest issue is even more comprehensive and includes a new section on ‘what causes EV fires’ as well as details of all of the products in the Fire Cloak range including our new Lithium Battery Blanket, XL Fire Cloak and a sneak preview of several new products that will be launched in 2024 – watch this space!”

Click here to download the new Fire Cloak Electric Vehicle Fire Blanket brochure.