Electric & hybrid vehicle fires – are you prepared?

Launched after many months of research, development and testing the FIRE CLOAK™ EV Car fire blanket has been designed, to contain EV (electric vehicle) fires.

If an electric vehicle high energy propulsion battery is damaged, or a manufacturing fault causes just a single cell to short circuit this can start a fire, generating temperatures over 1,000°C (1,832°F). This fire spreads from cell to cell creating a domino-effect known as “Thermal Runaway” and in a short space of time an intense fire is established.

Lithium battery Thermal Runaway fires cannot be extinguished by conventional means. The battery electrolyte usually contains flammable hydrocarbons, and the lithium oxide cathode is highly reactive and self-oxidising, so the fire feeds itself. If left unchecked extremely high temperatures and intense fires can result.

When a Fire Cloak™ EV Fire Blanket is deployed the combustion potential can be minimised by depriving the fire of oxygen. This means that because the fire is contained, temperatures drop rapidly which helps prevent damage to surrounding vehicles and property.

Manufactured from a specially modified silica quartz material and coated with a fire-resistant polymer, the resulting Fire Cloak™ high-tech fabric has extremely high temperature resistance.

FIRE CLOAK™ has been extensively tested in real-life EV fire demonstrations and has also been independently certified to a number of international fire and flame resistance standards.

BS476 Parts 6 & 7 = Class 0 (similar to UL Class A in USA)
ASTM D6143
EN13501-1: 2018

Thermal runaway fires cannot be extinguished by conventional means.