Here at Prosol UK we’re committed to doing our bit to protect the environment and reduce our carbon footprint wherever we possibly can for the benefit of all. This is just one of the reasons why we’ve recently installed two banks of solar panels on our headquarters here in Sheffield.

Commenting on the latest green addition to the site, our managing director, Andy Coulton, said: “This is a key investment for the business and for future generations. Not only will the new solar panels provide much-needed green energy that can go straight into the grid, but they will help us to reduce our energy bills that have risen significantly since last year.”

Even here in the UK where the sun definitely doesn’t shine every day, there are numerous benefits to installing solar panels on a commercial or industrial buildings as residential properties. Solar panels only need daylight to produce energy, sunshine isn’t a prerequisite! They can provide a level of energy independence for business in a rising wholesale energy priced market. What’s more, they’re unobtrusive and they’re proven to provide cheaper, greener energy all year round.

Being located on the roof of our warehouse, they were a little tricky to photograph. However, our resident drone pilot, Phill, captured this image so you can see the panels in all their glory!